Toptrade scam? Is Toptrade an honest broker? 2021 review.

Toptrade scam? Or is Toptrade an honest broker? Broker Reviews of – 2021

Toptrade scam? Or is he an honest broker? Full Review on Toptrade coming up.

We are trying to figure out who should be trusted with our money and who should not. With whom it is worth working in the world of finance, and who can run away with your hard-earned money.

We will cover all this as part of our review. We stand for good relations and fair trade. Therefore, on this resource, we write reviews about brokers. We hope that our review will help you in determining the choice of a broker.

Toptrade scam? Or favorable trading conditions with Toptrade broker.

Toptrade scam? Or is Toptrade an honest broker? This is precisely the purpose of our review. So that each reader can confidently answer these two questions.

And so that you can answer these questions. We will talk about: registration, deposit and withdrawal of funds, types of accounts, broker platforms, favorable conditions, reviews and more.


toptradegroup scam review


Registering an account with Toptrade (step by step)

1. Go to
start trading top trade

2.Click on Start trading in the upper right corner.

  1. Fill in your details and click on sign up

4. To start trading you should top up your account. We will talk about that in the next section of our review.

Top-up and withdrawal of funds with TopTrade

To replenish and withdraw funds from the account, there are several options:

toptrade лохотрон

  • Visa or Mastercard.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Crypto.

Toptrade provides its traders with the opportunity to open few different trading accounts under one investor account.

How can it help you?
You can trade using different strategies on different accounts
Different balances on different accounts
Use different auto trading on different accounts.

Just be creative, we are pretty sure you could find a use for another account.

This option was requested by experienced traders, or people managing trading funds. And there you have it. Even the smallest investor account can have – few different trading accounts

Account types offered by Toptrade broker.

The broker’s website lists five types of accounts:

  1. “Bronze” (from $ 250 to $ 2,000)
    toptrade bronze account
  2. “Silver” (from $ 2,000 to $ 10,000)
    toptrade silver account
  3. “Gold” (from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000)
    toptrade gold account
  4. “Platinum” (from $ 50,000 to $ 200,000)
  5. “Diamond” (from $ 200,000 +)

Trading platforms by Toptrade

  • PC platform. You can download the most luxurious designed Toptrade meta trader to your computer. Suitable for all types of operating systems.
  • Mobile app. You can download it to any device, both iOS, and Android.
    Because any application must be thoroughly tested by the developers. That this application does not serve money laundering or any sort of scam. Having an app in the iOS store means it’s legit. Which once again shows us that the Toptrade broker is respectable and honest.
  • 2 Web platforms. They are both available online for all traders on the Toptrade broker’s website.
    The first platform is Metatrader, which has limited options but worst fast without the need to download anything.
    The second platform is a TopTrade development that was made with custom requests from their traders.

Test all the 3 different types of platforms and see what you like best.

abcsystem веб платформа

Please note that you have free access to all platforms.

They are integrated and you can use them all simultaneously without any issues.

If you are trading in the mobile app, and you just opened a trade, you will immediately see the same trade on all the other platforms if you are using them.

Favorable conditions provided by Toptrade

Free training: Toptrade broker provides free training for its clients.
You will have free access to everything you need: tutorials, videos, and news. It doesn’t matter what kind of deposit you have.

Financial planning: the broker can develop and draw up a long-term financial plan – strategy. However, this is done and provided only at the request of the trader. It should be noted that they will be compiled by leading analysts who are part of the Toptrade broker’s team.

Automatic trading: open and close trading positions without human intervention. It works like this: the program analyzes the market and places a trade on its own, based on certain parameters. And they are set personally by each trader.

Bonuses: the broker provides traders with up to 50% bonuses. The percentage will depend on the type of your deposit.

Trades Insurance: Toptrade provides self-insured trades. It is aimed at protecting a certain amount of funds when an insured event occurs. If it happens, then you can keep your assets in the same position before the event occurred.

Toptrade broker clients reviews

We found a lot of reviews on Toptrad broker. They are all written on different sites.

If we talk about the general trend, there are more positive than negative.

However,  by finding bad reviews on the website of other brokers. This suggests some interest from these sites in denigrating another broker.
Therefore, we cannot trust such reviews with complete confidence.

As stated earlier, we found more positive reviews than negative ones.
And here we decided to show you a few of them:

toptrade review

toptrade review

toptrade review

Let’s summarize our TopTrade review

Toptrade scam? Or an honest broker?

The answer is: no

The broker offers unique favorable conditions for traders. Therefore, he has been working in the financial world for over 10 years. Trusted by traders around the world.

Many traders started trading successfully thanks to Toptrade.

Its offices are located all over the world. He already has over 14,000 active trading accounts.

If you still have questions, you can ask Toptrade directly.

Visit their website.

Or you can call number +44 1518 080625, +7 (499) 9549605, +43 720 143 748, +34 932 207 164, +39 011 1962 2424 for a consultation.

Toptrade broker is a great broker to trade with.


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