Is Sterling Specialist Fraud or is it a broker you should actually should switch to? Read our detailed review about everything Sterling Specialist has to offer. Including pros and cons and trading features.

Sterling Specialist Fraud

Sterling Specialist is reported to be one of the most innovative brokers of 2020. Their trading platform is modern and offers users a swift trading expirience.

The aim of Sterling Specialist is to be the top broker for beginner and advanced traders all around the world.

Sterling Specialist Fraud? Or is Sterling Specialist a Great broker choice? And what is

You cant call Sterling Specialist Fraud or scam. Because of these few reasons:

Why Sterling Specialist is not a FRAUD or a SCAM

  1. The trading App is verified by APPLE

    Any application that gets an approval from apple has to go through a long verification process. Opening a company and getting a license in some countries is faster… We are not even kidding.

  2. Their trading App is also verified by Google

    Google has a verification process, but not as long and terrible as Apple.

  3. They accept and work with MASTER CARD and VISA

    Accepting Payments from visa and master card probably looks like there is nothing special in it.
    But the truth is, services that can accept credit and debit cards. Especially brokers must hold a huge deposit fund just incase of any complaints.

  4. There are no complaints at FCA

    Absolutely no complaints at the financial commission of great Britain.

  5. There are no complaints at CySec

    There were no complaints at Cyprus financial commission at the moment we were writing the article.

What can you trade with Sterling Specialist?

There are over 1000 actives you can trader with the broker.

Starting from:

CFDs ( Contracts for difference )

FX ( Forex )



You can always go the , click on START NOW, create your account in less than a minute and see for yourself.

Account Types with Sterling Specialist

Sterling Specialist offers a variety of account options to start with.

All account types can go for up to 1 to a 1000 leverage. Depending on your account type, and requests. Each account offers a slightly better terms in trading. More support, more signals, news and educations process.

  • Bronze account – Starting from 200 EUR
  • Silver account – Starting from 5 000 EUR
  • Gold account – Starting from 10 000 EUR
  • Platinum account – Starting from 50 000 EUR
  • PREMIUM account – Starting from 100 000 EUR

Key advantages of Sterling Specialist

Advantages of

  • Traders have a huge advantage using a very fast and advanced trading platform.
  • Over 1 000 trading assets to choose from.
  • Very low spreads and almost no commissions at all.
  • Very innovative and goal oriented team.

Advantages of

  • Fairly new broker.
  • Unique platform that does not support MT4.
  • No trading platform that you can install on your PC.

Mobile and WebPlatform

Sterling Specialist has a WebPlatform for your convenience. That you can access right away, without the need of downloading any thing to your PC, mobile or even tablet.

We would strongly recommend downloading the Mobile App if you are going to trade using an IOS or android devices to maximize the speed and execution of your trades.

Sterling specialist trading platforms

Deposits and withdrawals with Sterling Specialist

If sterling Specialist was fraud or a scam organization you would probably see bitcoin deposits or high risk payment systems.

But in the case of Sterling Specialist you can clearly see that they work with trusted banks and tusted payment systems.

You can easily Deposit and Withdraw using your visa or mastercard.

You can also use bank and wire transfers to receive or send your funds to your trading account.

Like wise, for the convenience of Sterling Specialist traders, they added a cryptocurrency deposit option. For the innovative traders between us.

Minimum Deposit

You can open your account in any currency, but the minimum deposit should be 200 EUR to start trading.

For example if you are looking to trade with a USD account,
your minimum deposit would be 242 USD , which is 200 EUR.

Education and training

Sterling Specialist offers a variety of educational resources. Not in the open space tough.

Lets take The Gold account for example:

If you have a gold account, you will receive:

  • Up to 4 trading academy sessions per month.
  • Up to 2 trading sessions per month
  • Access to event room – Once per month
Sterling specialist fraud

How can you open an account with Sterling Specialist

We would strongly suggest waiting for bonuses to open your new account. Because sterling specialist usually offers great bonuses to its new traders.

If your looking to open an account with Sterling Specialist visit their website to open the account now.

Does Sterling Specialist provide a DEMO account?

Unfortunately Sterling Specialist does not provide a demo trading account.


Sterling specialist is no fraud nor scam. Sterling Specialist is one of the top brokerage platforms, commission and spread wise for FX traders. We would also suggest you speaking with one of their top experts before opening an account to receive the best bonuses and an edge on other traders.

Feel free to sign up and ask for: Sean Leff, Ryan Miller, David Benis, Adam Brown, Jessica Stern and Ben Vertis, as your personal manager to start with.

We rate Sterling specialist 4.9 / 5

Sterling Specialist Best broker choise