Cloud mining by Shamining is the the best in 2021 and here is why...

Shamining is the number 1 cloud mining site: here are the reasons why.

There were 4 most used cloud mining platforms:

  • Shamining
  • Hashflare
  • Iq mining
  • Hashshiny

Now lets go briefly about these 4:

Shamining: Provides a very low price for each GH user that can go as low as 0.0106$. Operates for almost 5 years and has 3 huge data centers that operate on green energy.


Hashflare: Were a great platform, but did not use green energy because they wanted to profit fast. That is one of the reasons they shut down in 2018. Because it was not profitable for them to sell their mining services.


Iq mining: Provides a price of 0.0081$ Per GH. ( The lowest on the market ) On the first sign, it looks like a great mining platform to start with. But upon studying the comments about Iq mining, customers complain about very low payouts.


Hashshiny: Is a great mining platform, but the prices per GH are quite expensive. It starts from 0.105$ per GH.



Quick overview on the TOP 4 Cloud mining sites:

Let us review the cloud mining sites in one sentence so we can dig deeper:

Shamining cloud mining services – looks good.
Hashflare mining – Shut down.
Iq mining – Very low payouts.
Hashshiny  – looks good but expensive


Basically, we are left with 2 options:

Shamining cloud mining services and Hashshiny cloud mining.

We would go into a deep analysis of quality and so on. But you can see 1 thing, that is the most important in cloud mining. Return of investment.
Both of the platforms actually use cloud mining and have minimal differences. The only huge difference you can see with a naked eye is the price per GH.

Shamining with 0.0106$ and Hashshiny with 0.105$.

You don’t have to be a genius to do the math yourself.


Why choose Shamining, and why are they the best choice in cloud mining.

Let’s start with what is most important for you as an investor.

  1. Long-term cloud mining site or service that will bring you the most return on your investment in the long run.
  2. Transparent income and business model.
  3. Dedicated support team.

Shamining solutions

How is the cloud mining service of Shamining solving those 3 most important points for you?

1. How can you be sure Shamining is here for the long term?

Shamining operates for over 5 years in the crypto mining industry.
They have 3 data centers in San Jose in the USA, London in the United Kingdom, and Cape Town in South Africa.

All these 3 data centers are located in the sunniest regions and use mostly GREEN energy like Wind Turbines and Solar Panels.

Why is Green energy a great solution for an investor in cloud mining like yourself, you ask?

As a cloud mining corporation, you don’t want to get your electricity bill and go broke. What you want to do is invest in resources for the long term. Invest now, and profit in the future.

That is exactly what Shamining did.

Shamining invested in green energy equipment in their data centers, and as Shimining says, they will keep investing and opening new data centers in the near future.

shamining green energy

According to another platform we can clearly see that Shamining is a very reliable cloud mining platform.

As the site says they gave Shamining cloud mining service a 100% score on their Reliability level.


2. The transparency of Shamining.

  • First of all, you can see how much you are going to profit. Every cent you invest by using their miner calculator on their site –
    You can also count for yourself what will be better for you to use since they have CPU miners, GPU miners, ASIC miners, and more in their “individual” offers.
  • They do not hide their faces. On their site, you can see all the main roles of the company on display. Including their Linked-in profiles!

3. Dedicated support.

Shamining is here to help you on the clock.
You can contact them through email:
[email protected].

Or by the contact form on their site online.

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Make sure you are working with SHAMINING Directly while avoiding scams and imposters.

avoid scams shamining

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