NeoTrades review. Traders discuss their broker

NeoTrades review. Traders discuss their broker

NeoTrades review. This company is a global cryptocurrency and CFD broker providing its services to international clients. Our guests today are traders who already have NeoTrades trading accounts. They both make a living by trading on the stock market. So, let’s discuss everything traders usually want to know about their brokers.

Meet Greg (32 years old) and Emily (29 years old) – our guests today. They both have a lot of experience in using the NeoTrades services. We will ask them questions that many people ask us about this broker, and hopefully, we will get all the information we expect to get.

Let’s start!

NeoTrades review. Question 1:

“Is this a new broker?”


“NeoTrades is a relatively new broker. The company has provided its services for cryptocurrency and CFD trading since 2022. We definitely can’t say it’s an old broker. But it doesn’t mean this broker is a scam.”


“That’s right. NeoTrades is a young broker. But this company has already earned a good reputation among traders. People find it reliable because many NeoTrades clients make money by trading on the stock market.”

Question 2:

“Is NeoTrades a regulated company?”


“NeoTrades has a registered office in Mauritius. The company is regulated. You can find all the information about the exact address, phone numbers, and licenses on the NeoTrades website. 

The broker is global and has clients from many countries. People choose this company because its clients make a profit.”

Question 3:

“What about NeoTrades commissions and fees?”


“Commissions and fees play a huge role for a trader. You will not be able to make a profit if your commissions are high. I can tell you that the commissions and fees of NeoTrades are relatively low compared with other brokers in this industry. It’s one of the reasons I love this broker.”

Question 4:

NeoTrades review. “Do you like trading platforms this broker offers?”



“NeoTrades offers its clients Meta Trader 5. It’s an excellent trading platform, advanced and easy to use. Meta Trader 5 has three versions: Desktop version for computers, Web Trader, and Mobile Trader. 

I prefer the Mobile trading platform because it’s very convenient when I’m far from my computer. And it happens all the time. The Mobile Trader works on any device, whether it’s Android or iPhone”.


“I agree with Emily that phones are good, but I prefer a computer because it has a bigger screen. That is why my choice is the Web Platform. It’s compatible with any browser, and I can use it without downloading. This trading platform has everything I need to make a profit.”

Question 5:

“Does NeoTrades offer enough trading tools?”


“NeoTrades offers many tools that traders can use:

  • Charts with lots of trading indicators
  • Trading calculators
  • The economic calendar for technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis tools

I love that NeoTrades gives me everything I need to make a profit.”

NeoTrades review. Question 6:

“Is your money safe with NeoTrades?”


“Nobody can steal your information that goes through the NeoTrades website because it’s encrypted.”


“NeoTrades follows the Know Your Client policy. Every regulated broker must follow these rules. Verification is a simple process where you prove your identity and address. It doesn’t take a long time. I like that NeoTrades follows the rules of law. I know my money is safe with this broker.”


Question 7:

NeoTrades review. “What account types does this broker offer?”


“NeoTrades offers three account types: Standard, Advanced, and Expert. Each one provides different benefits. You can find all the information about the differences on the NeoTrades website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the broker or write an email. NeoTrades has an excellent support team and will answer you quickly.”

Question 8:

“What funding and withdrawal options does NeoTrades offer?”


“These are the options that NeoTrades offers for funding and withdrawal:

  • Wire Transfer 
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Neteller, Trustly, and Skrill

I like that NeoTrades offers its clients more options than most other brokers.”

Question 9:

NeoTrades review. “What is the reputation of this broker?”


“All the NeoTrades clients I know find this broker reliable. They recommend this company to others because NeoTrades doesn’t play against its clients, and they make money.”


“I agree with Greg. It’s true. People love this broker.”

Question 10:

“Does NeoTrades provide good support?”



“Yes, NeoTrades provides high-level support. It works quickly. Every client gets a personal manager. NeoTrades hires only highly professional people with a lot of experience in the field.”

Question 11:

“Does NeoTrades provide any additional services?”


“Yes, this company offers PAMM accounts, Copy Trading, and Autotrading. These are excellent services to make money on the stock market. Many investors use PAMM accounts and Copy Trading because these services allow people to grow their accounts without knowing anything about trading. They just copy other traders or give their money to a pool with an experienced manager.”


“I know many people who use Autotrading all the time. They say it’s the only way to eliminate human error and emotions. Programs can’t have any feelings. Greed and fear are our most powerful enemies. I agree with them. And I’m sure all experienced traders think the same.”

Question 12:

NeoTrades review. “What is the resume? Is this company a scam or a reliable broker?”



“NeoTrades is not a scam. On the contrary. It’s an excellent choice if you want to make money by trading on the stock market. This company has all traders need: many trading instruments, positive reviews, great support, and easy-to-use trading platforms.

I highly recommend NeoTrades. I’m a usual guy, not some genius. But I make money with this broker. And I know many others who do the same. So, if you want to be like us, you are welcome.”


“I love NeoTrades. And I know many people who feel the same way about this broker. Trading cryptocurrency and CFDs is a great way to make a living. It all depends only on you. I suggest you start and try. I’m sure you will enjoy it because making money on the stock market is highly enjoyable. You can’t compare these feelings with anything.”

For more information about this broker, follow this link:

Good luck in trading!

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  1. I made 25% in the first month and then another 20% in the next month using Copy Trading. I would lose money if Neotrades played against the clients, so it proves this broker is not a scam.

  2. If you need a cryptocurrency and CFD broker, then Neotrades is exactly what you need. It’s one of the best companies you can choose.

  3. My deposit grows thanks to the Pamm accounts. I think everyone loves this company. Neotrades is a broker that is made for traders.

  4. Neotrades has its advantages over other brokers such as Pamm accounts and Copy Trading. These services are really cool. Many make money using it.

  5. When I was looking for a good broker, I wanted to have the option of using cryptocurrency to fund my account and make withdrawals. I found this option in Neotrades. And the more I use its services the more I like this company.

  6. I’ve never met traders who were disappointed in Neotrades. And that is because clients of this company get great support, an excellent trading platform, and many instruments. And that’s why they make money by trading.

  7. I give this broker only the highest rating. Neotrades is one of the best brokers for CFD trading, it’s a fact. I can’t complain about anything. Great service.

  8. I’ve had trading accounts with several brokers, and I can tell that Neotrades has more advantages over the others. It offers more excellent services. If you want to make money by trading on the stock market, I suggest you choose Neotrades because it gives many options to succeed.

  9. i’ve met people who lost money because of scam brokers, but i’ve never met any clients of Neotrades who lost money because of this company.

  10. Just wanted to tell you, guys, that Neotrades provides very professional support. When I had questions and called the broker, they always solved all my problems.

  11. Brokers with a good reputation always have more clients. Neotrades is one of the few companies where clients recommend their broker to others. It shows this broker is reliable.

  12. I know people without much knowledge about trading, but they make money with Neotrades using Pamm Accounts and Copy Trading.

  13. For me, it took half a year to become a profitable trader, guys. I can tell you it wasn’t easy. But I know everyone can succeed if he works hard.

  14. I love this broker, and I know many people who feel the same way. If you open an account with Neotrades and start trading, I’m sure you will get the same feeling, and I know you will enjoy trading as all the others do.

  15. Neotrades gives a wide choice of instruments and a great trading platform. Also, traders get professional support and low spreads. All this together with the option to learn trading is a great way to make money on the stock market.

  16. I’m sure no client of Neotrades will go to another broker because this company provides the best service compared with other brokers.

  17. i’ve tried other brokers, guys, and i can tell you that neotrades has many advantages over them, so if you need a broker, i recommend you this one, and i know you will never regret this choice.

  18. You can ask anyone about MetaTrader, and they will tell you it’s the best platform for CFD trading, the most famous one.

  19. I can say only positive things about Neotrades. Everything works perfectly, and all traders I know love this broker.

  20. i wish i started trading much earlier because i could be already a professional trader, and i could have traveled the world.

  21. If you compare Neotrades with other CFD brokers, you will see that this company is one of the best for traders. It offers a better trading platform, lower spreads, and better support.

  22. I like this company very much, and I’m glad I chose Neotrades and not some other broker. Traders of this broker have much more chances to make a profit.

  23. Everyone knows that traders need good platforms to be able to make money on the stock market. That is why everyone loves MetaTrader. It’s the best platform for trading cryptocurrencies and CFDs. It’s multifunctional, fast, and has no bugs.

  24. Once I saw a movie where was a guy who made a fortune on the stock market. I thought I should try it too. For two months I was losing, but then I started using Pamm accounts. Since then, my deposit has grown. It’s a fantastic service, and I recommend it to everyone.

  25. People who want a reliable broker should think of Neotrades. There was not even once when a client of this company lost money because of this broker.

  26. I can tell you, guys, that brokers can provide different services, and the level of their services is also different. Neotrades is made for traders and has the best options for people who want to make money in financial markets.

  27. My deposit was $1500, and I turned it into $2800 in five months. All I want to say is you can see it’s possible to make money by trading, and everyone can do it. The limits are only in our heads.

  28. I have used Neotrades for a few months already, and I can tell from my experience it’s a very good company. I’m not the only one who makes money using its services. If you search the web, you can find many successful clients of this broker who make a living by trading.

  29. I’ve used several brokers, and I can tell you that Neotrades is a great company for CFD trading. It’s better than most others because it offers more options for traders and provides a better service.

  30. People want to become profitable traders because it gives them freedom. The clients of Neotrades don’t have to stay home, they can travel and work from any place. All they need is a way to place orders. It can be a computer or just a smartphone.

  31. This company is the best choice if you are looking for a good CFD broker. With Neotrades, you get to use many trading instruments. Everyone will find a way to make money here.

  32. Neotrades is not one of the scam brokers. If it were a scam, I would already have lost my money, but I didn’t. It’s a reliable company, and people love it because its clients make a profit.

  33. Brokers have many clients only if they provide a good service. Neotrades has clients from many countries around the world. It proves again that people love this company.

  34. I’ve never had any problems with MetaTrader. It works fast, with no bugs or delays. It’s a trading platform that I can recommend to every trader.

  35. You can find a lot of educational materials in this company. I know a lot about trading now because I watched videos and read e-books on the Neotrades website, I wanted to learn how to become a successful trader. And now, all this helps me make money on the stock market.

  36. Scam brokers play against their clients. But with Neotrades, you can grow your trading deposit, and your broker won’t steal your money. Everyone can make a profit with this broker.

  37. I can tell you guys, that every trader would be happy to have such a great trading platform as Metatrader.

  38. MetaTrader is an excellent trading platform for both beginner and professional traders. It’s just perfect.

  39. If you think that every broker provides the option to use cryptocurrency for funding and withdrawals, you are wrong. But if your broker is Neotrades, you have this option. And it’s one of many reasons why people prefer this company to other brokers.

  40. I use Copy Trading. It’s a service where people place orders, and others can copy them. I like it very much because it makes me money without even learning how to be successful.

  41. it’s an exceptional broker with excellent support, many options for traders to make money on financial markets, and lots of clients living by trading.

  42. I mostly use Pamm accounts. It’s simple, and I recommend it to everyone. You just choose experienced traders with a profitable history and let them manage your money. And I can tell you, guys, it works perfectly.

  43. Neotrades is a very good broker for CFD trading. If you want a company with a good reputation, Neotrades is the right choice. I highly recommend it.

  44. Believe me, you won’t find a better broker than Neotrades. It provides a great trading platform, many instruments, professional support, and excellent additional services.

  45. In my opinion, Neotrades is the best broker for cryptocurrency and CFD trading. I can recommend this company to everyone. It has everything traders need to make a profit in financial markets.

  46. I can tell you guys from my experience, that if you need a CFD broker, you won’t find a better company than Neotrades.

  47. Sometimes people ask me about the broker I use. My broker is Neotrades, and I think it’s a very good company. I’m not the only one who makes money using its services. Search the Internet, and you will find many successful clients of this company.

  48. I can say only positive stuff about Neotrades. It provides an excellent service, and all traders I know love this broker.

  49. I can give this broker only a positive rating. Neotrades is one of the best brokers for CFD trading. I can’t complain about anything.

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