Majoroi Scam, fraud or a honest broker? Full review & traders interview
Majoroi Scam, fraud or a honest broker? Full review with a traders interview.

Majoroi Scam, fraud or a honest broker? Full review with a traders interview.

We have received a bunch of requests to interview any Majoroi broker trader, our visitors want to find out whether the broker is a scam or not. We could not help but respond to this request.
Thats why we created a pool and received few traders offering their help.

Therefore, we present you with an interview with Alex, a MajoRoi trader and investor.
Majoroi scam

Alex, how did you decide to trade with Majoroi? Did you think Majoroi is a scam?

I thought at first that nothing would come of it. I didn’t think would be able to profit from trading. But oh boy how wrong I was.

I have already seen from some of my friends that they have started to trade. And they were not doing badly.

My friends showed stories with positive trading results. But I constantly came across different YouTube channels or forums where they talked about fraudulent brokers.

And then I thought. that I am not worse than my friends. And I decided to try. So this is how I became a trader.

Because of all those youtube channels and forums, It seemed to me that all brokers are scammers. Because of this, I was scared to trust any broker at all.

And even the manager of the Majoroi broker did not inspire confidence in me. On the contrary, I constantly thought he wanted to scam me for my money.

There was one moment that alerted me. At the first communication, it seems to me that the manager at any cost wanted me to open a deposit for at least $ 10,000. But I was not ready for such an amount – this is my three month salary. Only later on I realized why my manager insisted so much on precisely this amount of the deposit.

If you start with an amount of 10,000, then with a leverage of 1:100. You are already trading – 1,000,000. And as a result, the profit will be greater than if you were trading with 250 $ with a leverage of 25,000.

So now I am justifying such persistence on the part of the broker manager. I wish I would of started with 10,000$ back then.

From whom did you hear about the broker?

As I said earlier, my friends have already traded with different brokers and different amounts. And one of them mentioned two brokers – which are great for newbies like me. And out of several (Majoroi and CryptoMakers), I chose Majoroi.

How it all started?

At first, I decided to learn to trade with a small deposit of $ 250. The help of the broker manager was irreplaceable, and he gave excellent advice. But I was inattentive, and instead of trading on 10% of my deposit, I started trading for the entire amount, and this strategy, as you might guess, was not crowned with success.
I can say that in this situation, I learned a lot. And realizing my mistake. After that incident, I started listening to the manager’s advice more attentively. And I tried to follow that advice.

I made the subsequent deposit of  5,000 $. I had saved for a worldwide trip that I was planning. But I decided that while the pandemic is here, I will not need this money right now, and this money can be put into trading and multiplied over and over.

Yes, maybe for someone, this is not a significant amount. But I still thought that I was still studying and it was much more than I needed.

Plus, the broker from the first days gave me access to educational literature and classes. So what tools are there, what are they for, how to place trades with take profit and stop loss.

And so, I learned to trade for several more months. Thanks to manager Ethan for the advice.

Majoroi scam

Did you have a negative experience with Majoroi? Broker Majoroi – Scam? Or an honest broker?

In addition to the situation described above, when I lost my deposit of 250$. There were no negative situations associated with the broker. I have no longer thought that is a scam or a fraud of any type. I was confident in MajoRoi.

Instead, I was stupid while learning to trade. I understand that these are my own mistakes.

Everything is fine now. On the contrary, I would like to say that the broker treats its clients well. Advice is a big part of success, but not everything…

After profiting $ 25,000. They helped me legally withdraw money from the deposit to my accounts with minimal taxation. So that neither the bank nor the tax authorities had any questions for me. Isn’t this super important? I love Mojiroi for this, even though it’s not their work to help me with taxes, they still did.

Let the money work for you, with minimal losses.

What are the advantages Majoroi, in your opinion?

Oh, it’s not an easy question, because there are so many.

Support and communication with the broker 24/7. The broker’s specialist answered my questions in off hours, even on Saturday night. And we got in touch via skype. It’s more convenient for me.

When you contact via Skype, you also have the opportunity to start the broadcast from the screen. He showed me everything and showed me everything so I can understand it. But sometimes I still do some stupid mistakes, but we are human, aren’t we?

Another advantage is signals. Until now, from the very first day, I have been using them. I have no time to think and build different forecasts to understand what I need to invest in. Therefore, I like this tool. I looked at the forecast and for which asset how many % and decided to trade.

And I was also thrilled when I got offered to join a PAMM account trading on stocks and indices. I traded more with currencies and cryptocurrencies. And I still don’t understand stocks and indices. But I would like to have them in my portfolio.

And then the manager suggested that I was not sure of myself, but I still want to. Then he advised using PAMM – accounts. Invest and see how an already more experienced and successful trader trades with such assets so that later, using this algorithm. I could learn how to trade them.

And besides this, the broker also offered to use social trading, which is also a good tool. I think I’ll use it when I want to relax and not work at all. Let someone else do everything for me.

But at the same time, I wouldn’t like to put all my eggs in one basket.

What do you think about the withdrawal of money?

I have no complaints here. Withdrawal within 1-3 days as promised by the broker. The time it takes to complete the transfer depends on where the money was sent and how.

If I tried withdrawing crypto, literally within 1 hour, there was an enrollment.

If I wanted to withdraw the visa on the card in foreign currency, I had to wait 1-2 days. The bank checks the movement of funds.

Therefore, I try to deduce in different ways to be with at least some means

What advice would you give to novice trade?

The first is to listen to your manager. Trusting him is a must. Listen to what your manager has to say, he is on your side. Don’t think there is a catch, otherwise you will probably make a mistake like I did with my first 250$. Don’t be like me, be smarter.

And the second tip is not to be afraid to trade. The risk is everywhere! If you do not start making your money roll and bring profit from the turnover, any currency can be swallowed up by inflation with a crisis.

And lastly, the sooner you start trading, the more successful you will be. Remember those who did not believe in investing in bitcoin. And in the end, after less than five years, they could become wealthy by investing only a few cents.

And you must not forget that majoroi is not a scam.

So start trading if you’re not trading yet, and if you are trading, trade more!

What are your plans with Majoroi?
Majoroi scam

I don’t want to reveal all the plans yet. However, I think that in a few months, my monthly income from trading with a Mojoroi broker will stabilize at about $ 50,000. And then I think about investing in a few more pamm accounts to increase my profits.

And probably in the plans for a year to grow up to a deposit 2-3 times more than the current one. That there was no commission for withdrawal of funds (now it is 5%).

But I know for sure that I’m not going to say goodbye to the Majoroi broker. I will continue to trade with him for as long as I am alive.

I am also grateful to my friends who advised me to pay attention to this broker. And I also recommend Majoroi to all my friends to trade. I recommend all of you to start trading with Majoroi.

Goodluck friends.



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