Inceptial scam fraud or the best forex company to choose in 2022?
Inceptial scam

Inceptial scam fraud or the best forex company to choose in 2022?

Inceptial scam review is one of the most requested topics in 2021. And therefore here we are finally giving it to you.

Is a great company to trade with? Or is there scam or fraud involved?

We will review all the most important aspects of the company to help you understand.

About inceptial in short:

  1. Inceptial is a Belarussian investment firm that is regulated by the National Bank of Belarus.
  2. The website of the company is
  3. Inceptial is operated by Growth Capital LLC.
  4. You can trade CFDs with Inceptial.
  5. Inceptial supports Crypto payments.
  6. The minimum investment is 250 ($ / €).

Inceptial is a licensed company. Can you trust a company that is licensed? Of course, you can.

Inceptial or is not a scam or fraud in any way. It is a company that you can trust.

Now let us review why is Inceptial so great.

Inceptial scam review: Why appears to be the best choice in 2022.

In this Inceptial scam review, we actually want to show you why you should not only trust the company, but show you why Inceptial is considered to be the best traders choice in 2022.

Top 5 reasons why Inceptial is better than most of the CFD providers:

  1. Inceptial supports MetaTrader.
  2. Fantastic educational privileges.
  3. provides easy-to-use and accurate trading signals.
  4. Amazing trader support 24/7.
  5. Licensed company with great trader reviews.

Let’s go into more details about each one of those.

Inceptial trading platforms

Inceptial provides its traders with 2 great choices for trading.

  1. Metatrader.
  2. Custom-made web trading platform.

Which one should you choose?

If you are looking to open a quick trade and that’s it. You can log in to the web platform and quickly open your trade.
But if you want more advanced options, you should download the meta trader and trade from MT4.

Metatrader support all mobile devices. So if you have either IOS or ANDROID, you are good to go.

In short, if you are looking to add indicators or to dive into some detailed analysis of the market. We suggest using MT4. But if you just want to open a few trades, the web trader will do just fine.

Inceptial education review

Inceptial actually provides a great number of educational materials.

You can find Educational trading ebooks, interactive trading courses on
Each of the trading courses could help beginner traders to understand the market.

If you are a professional trader, you can attend advanced trading courses too.

So it’s great for you doesn’t matter what kind of a trading experience you have.
inceptial scam review education and trading latfrom platform

Trading signals review on

The trading signals that you receive on are very simple. Just follow the signals and get the results.

What is most important about any trading signals is the execution speed. Here, with Inceptial you actually get everything you need for speed.

You have push alerts that will notify you with signals.
Not only this, but you also can sign up for SMS signals that will instantly be sent to your phone device.

So speed is not an issue for you.

inceptial scam review trading signals

Support on

There are 4 ways to get help with Inceptial on

  1. Personal account manager: each trader is assigned a manager that can help and answer all the questions you might have.
  2. You can chat with the support team on website.
  3. You can email Inceptial using: [email protected], or contact them through their contact us page at
  4. Phone. The oldest method in the book. You can always call Inceptial and ask for help at +375445887062. If you are not from Belarus. International charges may apply. Because you are actually calling a Belarussian number.

inceptial support

Inceptial licenses, and trader reviews.

As we said at the beginning of the article. Inceptial is authorized and regulated by the national bank of Belarus with certificate number 19.

Trader reviews with Inceptial are pretty outstanding. We have searched for a few just to show you what clients say:
Inceptial review by Juliana Ferreira:

“This is a highly skilled broker providing good customer service. So far they showed me only excellence in their performance. It has been more than 6 months i have been trading here and I can say that I am more than satisfied.”

Inceptial review by Henry Cavill:

“An excellent broker with user-friendly platforms.
Suitable for beginners and active traders.”

Inceptial review by Fardin Ahmed:

“Very good customer support, regulated broker, great trading platform, and instant order execution. All of these factors are good signs to securely open a trading account with them, which by the way is very fast.”

Conclusion: Is Inceptial scam or a trusted company?

First of all, Inceptial cannot be a scam. Because of they are a licensed company.

Second of all, Inceptial has a great review score on the web, and it is just impossible if the company does scam.

So should you trust Inceptial? Yes, you should trust Inceptial.

Not only Inceptial, and their website have a high trust rank, but Inceptial is operated by Growth Capital LLC that is a very trusted company.

Start trading with Inceptial today at:

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  1. I like inceptial company, but it wasn’t always like that. When I first started trading, I drained $250 of my deposit. I got very angry and wrote probably 100 pieces of bad “inceptial scam” comments on different reviews. But when I calmed down, I continued trading with iceptial. Because you can’t blame the company for your stupidity. If I thoughtlessly pressed the buttons and leaked some of the money, the company is not to blame for this. Advice from me: Don’t do rash things, don’t quit after the first failure, and most importantly, listen to your manager, who helps you. Inceptial is an excellent, safe company, it helps its clients to trade successfully in every possible way: leverage, training, even personal consultations. Only you can ruin everything yourself!

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