Sierra Financials review 2022. Traders talk about their experiences.

Sierra Financials review 2022. Traders talk about their experiences. 

In this Sierra Financials review, we’ll start with a fact that the best way to know about something is to ask people who already do what you want to start doing.

That is why we decided to talk with traders who already have the experience of working with Sierra Financials.

Let’s discuss all the subjects we want to know about the broker.

Meet Kevin (36 years old) and Dana (29 years old) – our guests today.

They both are profitable traders. So we will ask them all the questions we have about Sierra Financials.

Let’s start!

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Sierra Finansials review. Question:

“How old is Sierra Financials?”


“Sierra Financials is a relatively new broker that provides CFD and cryptocurrency trading for international clients.”


“But many traders already trust him. And Sierra Financials does not provide services for citizens of certain regions, such as the United States of America, Canada, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Iran.”

Sierra Financials review. Question:

“Is Sierra Financials a licensed broker?”


“Since Sierra Financials is a relatively young broker and is obtaining all the necessary licenses. It is a good sign.”

Sierra Financials review. Question:

“What can you say about the safety of funds?”



“Sierra Financials has an SSL certificate. So all the information that goes through is encrypted. 

That means nobody will be able to receive, steal or use your data.”


“Sierra Financials follows KYC rules (Know Your Customer). Every regulated broker must follow these rules.

Every trader has to confirm their identity to comply legally.

Traders have to send :

  • Their ID ( It could be a driver’s license too)
  • If you deposit using a credit card, send Sierra Financials a copy of it (covering the CVV on the back and the first 12 digits of your credit card number on the front).
  • Utility bills not older than six months.
  • Selfie with Identification Document photo.

This process could take not more than a few minutes. 

This process is a must to start trading. Do not think the company is a scam or trying to steal your documents. This process is mandatory.”


“What trading platforms does Sierra Financials offer?”

trading platform sierra financials


“Sierra Financials offers two desktop trading platforms: MT4 and MT5. 

There is also a web platform. And I can make trades from my smartphone too. It is perfect for me because I am not often near my computer.”


“I use the classic MT4. It is the ultimate trading platform with all the indicators, trading tools, and software I need.”


“What trading tools Sierra Financials offers?”


“Sierra Financials offers a few trading tools that you can use:

  • Trading calculators
  • Trading charts
  • Fundamental analysis tools
  • Trading signals
  • The economic calendar for technical analysis
  • MT4 indicators
  • Push alerts

I am still learning these tools. And I love the signals. They help me to profit.”


“What are fees and commissions?”

fees and comissions sierra financials


“The commissions depend on the type of account you choose. More money on your trading account – better conditions you will have.”


“What can you tell us about education in Sierra Financials?”


“Sierra Financials has a whole section regarding education on their website filled with:

  • Interactive trading courses with explanations of different trading strategies and how to use them.
  • Online trading ebooks like “high achievers trading guide,” “trading guide for all,” and more.
  • Trading video tutorials about Social trading, Metatrader tutorials, trading tools, CFDs, and stocks.”


“What are the account types Sierra Financials offers?”


“There are five account types: beginner, standard, advanced, premium, and executive. 

Each account provides different benefits, so choose what fits you best and open an account to get started.

If you have any questions about account types, call the broker or write an email. Sierra Financials has an excellent support team and will answer you shortly.”


“What about deposit and withdrawal of funds in Sierra Financials?”

deposit and withdrawal sierra financials


“Sierra Financials provides three different kinds of deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Crypto (many types of cryptocurrencies).

*Not many brokers provide easy and fast crypto deposits and withdrawals. Therefore Sierra Financial is one of the best in this field”.


“What reputation has Sierra Financials? Do other traders trust this broker or not?”


“I know quite a lot of traders. They do trust Sierra Financials and recommend this broker to others.

Some brokers play against their traders. Fortunately, Sierra Financials is not one of them.

Good brokers help their traders with trading education and excellent support.

Traders need easy-to-use trading platforms, small commissions and fees, many trading assets, and trading tools to make the right decisions. Sierra Financials has it all.

Also, trading signals are helpful. And it is excellent when you have a great support team who are always for you 24/7.”


“I didn’t know much about brokers.

I decided to open three different trading accounts and compare which broker was better for me.

After two months, I knew Sierra Financials was the best I chose.

Now I have only one Sierra Financials trading account.”


“What can you say about the support Sierra Financials provides?”


“Support is a huge factor when you choose a broker. Sierra Financials provides email support. It works quickly.

Working with Sierra Financials, you get a personal assistant.

You can ask your assigned account manager any questions at any time.”


“What is the resume you can tell our readers?”

Feedback sierra financials


“If you ask me if Sierra Financials is a scam? I say: “definitely – NO!”

Is this a brand you can trust? – YES.

Sierra Financials is an excellent choice if you want to start trading CFDs and cryptocurrency.

This company has it all:

  • Great support.
  • Easy to use trading platforms.
  • Positive trader reviews.

I vouch for Sierra Financials, and if you ask my opinion, you should give Sierra Financials a try.”


“If you want to start trading cryptocurrency and CFDs, Sierra Financials is one of the best brokers you can choose.

I make money working with Sierra Financials. 

And I wish you all profit too.”

To open a trading account with Sierra Financials, follow this link:

Good luck in trading!

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